Sailing Ships

Sailing ships are one of the oldest forms of transportation transformed into a magical way to travel. Hoist up the sails and head for the sunset. These ships offer unique experiences not found on the more modern cruise ships. Listen to the sound of the sea as you slip from one place to another.


  • Unique way to travel
  • Help with the hoisting of the sails
  • More environmentally friendly
G-Adventures (500x500)

The small-group adventure travel experts cover every corner of the globe –with over 700 trips from the frozen Polar Regions, through deepest Africa, The America, Asia, Europe and the Pacific, chances are you’ll be able to find a trip with G Adventure. With varying tour and travel styles to suit all travellers and budgets, the key to all trips is local, sustainable, small group travel. With 100% Guaranteed Departures you can plan ahead with confidence. G Adventures has a range of tour styles for 18-to-Thirtysomethings, Active Tour, Rail Tours, Family Trips, Marine Tours and special tours in conjunction with National Geographic, along with immersive local living experiences in places as varied as Ulaanbaatar, Quito and Naples

Intrepid (500x500)

Intrepid Travel started in 1988 when 2 mates from Melbourne decided to head off to explore Africa. When they returned they had the idea that this type of travel was what a lot of people were looking for and today over 100,000 people a year travel on small group tours around the world with Intrepid. Intrepid employ local leaders who are born and raised in the area you’ll travel with them through, giving you insights that can only be found with true locals. Intrepid have a variety of trip styles to suit all travellers and their budgets.

Sea_Cloud_Cruises (500x500)

Experience the sea closer than ever on Sea Cloud Cruises. Step back in time when sailing was a way of life, and the only real way to see the world. The windjammers SEA CLOUD and SEA CLOUD II have been chartering their own course for years, and in 2020, the new SEA CLOUD SPIRIT will join the fleet – offering guests three extraordinary sailing vessels to experience. Watch our deckhands hoist and unfurl the sails by hand, and experience true seafaring on board our yachts. Here the sea is always within reach, not a dozen decks away. Every sailing cruise becomes a special travel experience, for people who yearn for something unique and different.

Star Clippers (500x500)

These three sailing ships have to be seen to be believed. Featuring some of the tallest masts in the world, they sail using computer technology (where conditions permit) to some of the smaller out of the way destinations that others simply can’t get to. Unlike the behemoth ships of other lines, these are real sailing vessels, and as a result the accommodation is quite small. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just representative of their type of vessel. Their size means that you’ll get to know everyone on board quickly and make new friends. You’ll never think of this as a cruise holiday!

Windstar (500x500)