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A Night with Orbit World Travel, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Azamara & G Adventures

James and Holly hosted the ultimate cheese pairing party for a group of new to Orbit World Travel clients in our Melbourne office.

The fine selection of cheeses came from the very talented team at “Milk the Cow” and was chosen by their amazing cheese connoisseur Laura, who carefully paired cheese and wines from around the world. Each combination reflected a flavour that can be experienced on a locals tour offered by G Adventures, or on board an Azamara cruise – both of whom partnered with us on the night.

The evening left all guests on a high! They were extremely impressed with our passion and knowledge of travel. Everyone enjoyed sharing their first-hand experience with other colleagues and it was great to host a range of future clients from young adventure travellers to luxury small ship clients who now know they are welcome to book all their future travel with James.

We look forward to continuing to build the Melbourne database and connect with those who wish to explore the world, sharing their passion with Orbit World Travel.

It was cheesely the best event in the building so far!



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