Silversea Silver Muse

The Australian Debut of Silversea’s Silver Muse

A Preview Tour of the Silver Muse

Silversea’s Silver Muse made its Australian debut earlier this month and our travel advisors Aaron Spriggs & James were fortunate enough to take a tour. With a record number of passengers from Australia, Silversea has decided to place their flagship vessel in Australian waters. Catering for only 600 guests, Silver Muse offers the most amazing personalised experience and more personal space than ever before. Silver Muse is your choice of ship for that luxury, intimate cruising experience.

Written by our travel advisors Aaron Spriggs & James King


We travelled to the Port of Brisbane today (10 January 2019) to have a sneak peek of the stunning new ship from Silversea, the Silver Muse on her first ever visit to Brisbane.

The ship is the first in the Muse Class of ships and intimately caters for just 600 guests in some very spacious staterooms that are personally cared for by 411 crew – many of whom are in-suite butlers to take care of your every need whilst onboard.

With a number of different suites to choose from, I’d be more than happy with the classic verandah suite, with a generous 36 square metres. You can also choose from a double suite with 73 square metres of space with its own deep bathtub in the stunning marble bathroom.

Silversea is all-inclusive with Monopole Champagne being the minimum standard of ‘house’ sparkling and the ship also boasts one of the largest wine collections at sea. Most dining options are inclusive with your fare and there is a varied range of options, along with one of the most delectable buffets I have ever seen. Whilst onboard we were lucky enough to be treated to lunch and we thoroughly enjoyed seared scallops and foie gras and a perfectly cooked piece of Sea Bass and an indulgent lemon meringue pie for dessert. It was like I’d gone to heaven. I always like to finish my lunch with a cup of coffee that the staff offer, and whilst some coffee on ships are barely drinkable, the coffee onboard the Silver Muse was spot on!

During our tour, there were passengers onboard and it was lovely to sit back and watch them enjoy the luxuries that this incredible vessel has to offer. We were lucky enough to see Wee Stevie Jacobs onboard with a camera crew, so we anticipate seeing some footage of the Silver Muse on our TV’s very soon.

In our careers, we have both done a number of ship inspections and the Silver Muse was absolutely remarkable.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or would like to get a booking together. With up to $700 off the current fares on selected voyages, now is the perfect time to book your first, or next, Silver Muse cruise.

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